Video Production Props & Assets

Package CompleteOwl House : Routine Video Production Props & Assets

As part of the ‘making of’ the Routine music video for Steven Wilson, Owl House Studios had to make or acquire all of the physical assets that you see in the film. The puppets, clothing, house building, outdoor landscapes, interior home decoration, furniture, soft textiles, kitchen appliances, kitchen cupboards, home accessories, kids toys, drawings, wall art, crockery, cutlery, etc. were primarily made by our team of amazing set designers.

Weeks and weeks of detailed work went into the designing and making of these miniature props which are approximately 1:10 scale. These beautiful small-scale works of art all come together to create the wonderfully evocative scenes that you witness throughout the Routine video.

Rather than hide these miniatures away in drawers in our studio, we have decided to make a selection of props available to purchase. These are all one-off pieces, so once they have been bought, that is it – no more availability! However, we will be making further props and larger pieces of furniture available during the course of 2022; items such as the kitchen units. fridge, cooker, bookcases, shelf units, kids beds and toy box etc. will be either sold or auctioned in due course.

Each Prop set will come in its own Owl House Studios presentation  box + logo, complete with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jess Cope, a Descriptor Sheet with Information about the Prop, a Screen Shot Colour Photo (where applicable) from the video showing the Prop in the video set and an Owl House Studios Button Badge.

Homemade Baked Pie

A Homemade Baked Pie as part of the Kitchen Assets on the Routine Film Set 

CODE: OHS-AS-#0016

Kitchen Utensils in Jug

Kitchen Utensils in Jug seen on the Shelf over the Worktop in the Kitchen on the Routine Film Set


Knitting Basket

The Knitting Basket with Balls of Wool, Knitting Needles and Knitting, is found on the floor in front of the Chair in the Lounge on the Routine Film Set.


Lily & Other Flowers in White Jar

The Lily and Other Flowers in the White Jar were out of shot on the Routine Film Set


Pink & White Striped Vase + Flowers

The Pink & White Striped Vase is seen on a shelf Unit next to the Refridgerator in the Kitchen on the Routine Film Set.